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Find high-quality unadvertised career opportunities

Research shows that 70-80% of all jobs go unadvertised, with networking the sole method of filling the vacancy. So relying solely on the job adverts can severely limit an individuals career progression.

We help individuals by discreetly networking for them, saving people considerable time, protecting their identity, and networking through a higher number of businesses.

Speed up career progression

Approximately 80% of the individuals we work with are not actively looking.  They will, however, consider an opportunity if it helps to progress their career.

We take time to understand which opportunities help people to advance and then present these opportunities as they materialise.

This carefully selected and open approach can help people to achieve more career growth in less time.

Negotiate better deals with employers

Our skilled consultants are discussing and negotiating remuneration packages all day every day with both individuals and companies.  This means we have a very good understanding of an individuals market worth.

In addition, our pricing model is directly linked to the remuneration offered to successful candidates, meaning it is in our own interest to negotiate the maximum deal with potential employers for each individual.

Manage career reputations

A strong personal reputation within the market will unlock career opportunities and increase your market worth. 

Knowing which companies, projects and opportunities to accept, and sometimes, more importantly, to decline, can have a serious impact on your long-term market reputation and worth. 

We speak to hiring managers and individuals every day which helps us understand market trends and the supply and demand for skills. 

We also protect the identity of individuals when networking through the market with potential employers. 

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